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Treatment for Permanent Hair Removal

The desire for permanent hair removal in each men and girls has created a worldwide craze - optical device Hair Removal. individuals are queuing up at clinics round the world hoping for the miracle cure to disembarrass themselves for good of hair in undesirable places. except for permanent hair reduction, the blank reality is that it's terribly rare that only one session of optical maser treatment can offer the required result. And here’s why:

Is optical maser Hair Removal Permanent ?

Some say affirmative, some say NO. Studies show that the known technique of achieving permanent hair removal is optical maser Hair Removal, and if the procedure is performed properly (using the correct equipment), duration is certainly doable. that is as a result of optical maser hair removal really kills the follicle, that impairs it's ability to grow. however you wish to induce the hair at the correct stage within the growth cycle to make sure permanent hair removal, which implies that you just can ought to endure variety of treatments.

Anagen Catagen

You see, hair grows in three stages, and optical maser treatment within the initial growth stage (Anagen stage) is that the best for permanent reduction. optical maser treatment within the alternative a pair of stages (Categen and Telogen) is less effective, as a result of in these stages new hairs area unit being shaped which can not be target-able by the optical maser. thus for duration you may ought to endure variety of optical maser treatments over time to kill all the hair follicles therein region.

Which Growth Stage is Best for Permanent Hair Removal ?

Everyone's hair grows otherwise, looking on their age, weight, metabolism, secretion interactions, genetics, medications and environmental influences. no matter this, hair grows in a very cycle that has three distinct stages, and also the ability of the optical maser to focus on and destroy the follicle all depends on the stage of the hair within the growth cycle. that's as a result of the Lasers utilized in hair removal really target the pigment within the hair to “zero in” on the follicle. within the initial growth stage of hair, there's additional pigment within the hair, so the optical maser is simpler.

Following is an summary of the three totally different hair growth cycle stages, and the way effective optical maser treatment is in every of those stages:

The ACTIVE or ANAGEN growth section (lasts 2-6 years), includes some eighty five maximize our hair at any given moment in time. throughout this ANAGEN section, the hair shaft Associate in Nursingd vesicle has an abundance of pigment and is most sensitive to the optical maser lightweight. thus during this stage, permanent hair removal is extremely seemingly. The optical maser can destroy the follicle and no new hair can grow.

The REGRESSIVE or CATAGEN section (lasts 1-2 weeks) is that the amount throughout that the hair stops actively growing however isn't shed. This section typically lasts many weeks comprising concerning three - 4 wheel drive of our total hair at any given time. within the early a part of this stage, you'll expect an equivalent results as within the ANAGEN stage. however later during this stage, a replacement hair may already be forming, and since it'll don't have any pigment nevertheless, it won’t be destroyed.

The RESTING or TELOGEN section lasts five - half dozen weeks, at the tip of that the hair falls out and a replacement hair begins to make. some 10-13% of our hair is during this section at anyone time. Again, the new hair won't have any pigment and also the optical maser won't be ready to target it. This new hair can shortly enter the ANAGEN stage, and if it's exposed to a optical maser treatment once it's entered the ANAGEN stage, then duration is expected.
Different after Hair Removal was Processed

In summary, every hair on your body can naturally be at a special a part of the expansion cycle, which is why it'll be necessary in most cases to endure variety of optical maser hair Removal treatments at variable intervals to fully destroy all hair follicles within the region you're targeting. you may be lucky and destroy quite eighty fifth of the hair follicles within the target region with only one treatment, however the statistics purpose towards needing a minimum of a pair of treatments (possibly three or more) to wholly destroy all hair follicles in any a part of the body

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Treatment for Permanent Hair Removal
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